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I received this ask on my tumblr, and so gave it a good go:

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I haven't been here very long at all, but here's my end of year meme!

Your Main Fandom of the year:
Yogscast for the first quarter, then TTOI and Britcoms in general. I swapped around a lot this year.

Your Favourite Film this year:
Disgracefully, Zootropolis. I loved the message it gave and the cute character designs were super!

Your favourite book this year:
The Liar, by Stephen Fry

Your favourite album or song: Excommunication, by Tyler Glenn

Your best new fandom discovery of the year: Britcoms, notably The Thick of it and Jeeves and Wooster.

Your biggest fandom disapointment of the year:
Probably having to leave the Yogs fandom, it was a bit of a shock having to leave my main fandom from the last 6~ years. It wasn't like I had a choice, I would've felt morally wrong if I carried on making content and supporting them. Anyway, leaving the Yogs did mean I got to discover many brillliant new fandoms and friends!

Your TV BF son of the year:
Ahh, too many! To name a few; Justin Ripley, Steve Arnott, Robert Webb, Jamie MacDonald, Dean Monroe, Henry Best, Ben Whishaw

Your TV GF of the year: There have been many, but the biggest has to be Katie McGrath.

Your biggest squee moment of the year: The entire first series of Aqours, mostly. Oh, and Cucumber/Banana!

Your most missed fandom of the year: Yogs, for sure.

A fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?: Not sure, maybe YOI or Batman

Your biggest anticipation of the new year:
Starting my illustration course at college! Also all the exhibitions and documentaries to do with the decriminalisation of homosexuality that'll be springing up, I can't wait!

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