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I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 today! Here are some of my thoughts:

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Oh, and before I forget: I made some RSS feeds for the Guardian writers  David Mitchell, Victoria Coren Mitchell and Charlie Brooker (although he posts quite irregularly nowadays), so you can get updates on whenever they post a new article right in your Reading Page! Nifty, eh? Robert Webb posts mostly in New Statesman, and I haven't yet worked out how to create an RSS feed from that website, so I've emailed them and I'll see if I get a solution.

Anyway, I hope you've all had an enjoyable Bank Holiday Monday!
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If you've ever known me, you'll know that I love making fanmixes. It's so much fun, and can help simulate my drawing fanart, or just general day dreaming! Since I listen to music every day on my commute, it's been pretty easy for me to build up a large-ish library of songs and playlists on my Spotify account.

So let me present to you, all my current WIP fanmixes, and a standout song for each of them.

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Have you got any songs you totally attach to certain fandoms or characters? If so, please do tell me!


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