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If you've ever known me, you'll know that I love making fanmixes. It's so much fun, and can help simulate my drawing fanart, or just general day dreaming! Since I listen to music every day on my commute, it's been pretty easy for me to build up a large-ish library of songs and playlists on my Spotify account.

So let me present to you, all my current WIP fanmixes, and a standout song for each of them.

Peep Show
The song for this mix is most definitely 'Stupid' by Brendan Maclean. To me, this song tells the story of Jeremy's pining for Mark, and how he'll never be 'the one' for him, so he'll just settle on not being friends and angsting about him when he's high. PLEASE LISTEN it's the perfect Peep Show song.

The Thick of it (specifically Malcolm and Jamie)
Choosing a song from this playlist was difficult, I like them all a whole lot! But, I'll probably have to go for 'Wolves' by Rag'n'Bone Man. It's a very angry song, and I think it suits Malcolm and his and his fanon backstory quite well.

Lots of British rap in this mix. Not much meaning lyric-wise, this is more of a extended-soundtrack of the film sort of thing, but don't let that put you off! 'Popstar' by Youth Killed It is great, and very Eggsy-like, in my opinion.

Jack Harkness

'High Hopes' by Kodaline  is my choice for Jack. It's about new beginnings, and the memories of those people who you've had to say goodbye to through your lifetime. 

Ianto Jones (coming in varieties of Dark! and Ghost!Ianto)
Again, it's pretty hard to choose just one song from this mix. However, 'One Way or Another' by Until the Ribbon Breaks is a pretty haunting cover that pretty much sums up the tone of the rest of the songs in this mix.

John Hart
'My Type' by Saint Motel encapsulates John's whole cheeky attitude; it's upbeat, and a lot of fun to listen to!

Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell
Aghh, the true OTP. Lots of songs with dancing motifs in this mix (for obvious reasons), as well as a large amount of social-anxiety themes running throughout. 'Suzie' by Boy Kill Boy, told through Charlie 's perspective is great, (although they're all great? Just wait for me to finish this mix so I can publish it and share it with all of you in it's full glory) and is full of cute sweetness, and a dollop of self-loathing for good measure.

My art heist OCs 
Alright, you probably don't know who these boys are, but I'm super pleased with with this mix, so I'm putting it here anyways! 'Toothpaste Kisses' by The Maccabees fits them to a T, and it's a good song in it's own right too.

Urban Magic AU

Back in my old fandom, the Urban Magic AU was massive, and I guess the concept just kinda stuck with me after I'd left. Hopefully I'll find a fandom to attach this AU to (britcoms, probably).  'The Killing Type' by Amanda Palmer is just one of the many cool songs in this playlist.

Jeeves and Wooster
'Thinking About' by Lauren Aquilina is such a Jeeves song. It's about trying and failing to repress feelings, and would absolutely perfect if I could just find an English male cover.

Thank you though reading through all of that, and I hope you've found some new good songs. So, what do you think?

Have you got any songs you totally attach to certain fandoms or characters? If so, please do tell me!


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