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I received this ask on my tumblr, and so gave it a good go:

The character I least understand: Fergus and Adam, in all honesty.

Interactions I enjoyed the most: Oh boy, where to even begin. Well, first of all, Glenn and Ollie’s constant bickering always seems to bring me joy; Terri’s call out of Malcolm’s behaviour and the subsequent conversation, in my opinion, gave us a little insight into the real him, and I liked that.

Stewart Pearson’s inability to hold a conversation without using PR buzzwords means his interactions with just about anyone are bound to be brilliant, especially with and old-timer like Mannion or Malcolm. Also, how could I forget Malcolm with Julius (Pissy biscuits come to mind.), and of course, the almighty Malcolm and Jamie. Of what little there is of their on-screen interactions, one that stood out to me was the ‘There will be blood’ scene on Malcolm's sofa from In The Loop.

The character who scares me the most: Steve Fleming, without a doubt.

The character who is mostly like me: Difficult one: probably Julius, in that I’d like to be left alone with some nice biscuits and time to daydream.

Hottest looks character: .....Can I say Ollie? I’m saying Ollie.

One thing I dislike about my fave character: Jamie’s aggressive bullying of other people. I mean, I love his explosive outbursts with all my heart but, mate, you need to calm down.

One thing I like about my hated character: For all her spite and cruelty, I find Emma to be one of the few competent characters in the show.

A quote or scene that haunts you: Malcolm's downfall arc is really difficult to watch, for me, at least. A quote that stands out to me would be Malcolm’s speech to Ollie, it went straight to my heart.

A death that left me indifferent: Not a death per se, but Hugh’s departure from the series didn’t really affect me: it was good to move on, and Nicola’s introduction gave the series a real kick-start.

A character I wish died but didn’t: Nothing comes to mind, I don’t hate any of the characters that much.

My ship that never sailed: (All of them??) But seriously, Jamie/Malcolm, my boys deserve just a little bit of love and affection. (If sweary banter is what you could call affection!)

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