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And I'm back! Exams are over, the sun is shining, and I'm ready to sit in my room on the computer for hours go be really productive! So many ships, so little time...

Alright, highspeed catch-up time!

  • Taskmaster! I love Taskmaster. It's like my fantasy britcom show that I never knew I wanted. The format is brilliant and the contestants react to the tasks in utterly bonkers and unthinkable ways. (It's what you'd expect of a bunch of comedians, really.) The only thing they could do to improve it is make the contestants live to together, Big Brother style, so I could get to watch them be all domestic and lovely. Anyway, go watch Taskmaster, ya fools.
  • Following the Taskmaster theme, I loved Joe Lycett's performance so much, that I brought tickets to go see him live! I've never actually seen any comedians I like in the flesh, so I'm beyond excited. Also in the near future, I'm planning to go to Robert Webb's book signing, if he's doing any near me.
  • Had a safety briefing at school about what to do in the event of bomb threat and if there's a gunman on site. Scary stuff, but obviously it's important to be prepared in today's climate. Also, the sirens used had a Cold War vibe to them and gave me chills.
  • Went to MCM London and met up with some of my longtime internet pals, which was great! Plus I got to put a face to a username, which was strange but nice.
  • Rewatched TTOI, again.

My plans for the summer are to level up my drawing skills and attempt to finally git gud. I might do one of those 'draw something a day' things? In any case, feel free to harass me if you you see me procrastinating on
twitter, or whatever.

Also, I'll see if I can adult enough to book plane tickets to Germany to visit friends. I've never gone abroad without parents, so god knows how that might turn out.

Anyway, how has your past month or so gone? Seen any shows you think I should watch? Tell me!

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