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 Hello all!

So, adding to my saga of 'finding-out-whether-Robert's-book-is-coming-out-or-if-it's-actually-happening-at-all', I have discovered that it is in fact open for preorder,  and coming out in August. Plus, the cover has been revealed!

Daww, look at our brilliant boy! (Also, check it out, JK Rowling on the front cover; nice one Robert!) I'm probably going to place my preorder sometime this week, and there's also been whispers of book signings... Fingers crossed they're on days I can make it to! I've never actually met any sort of comedian in the flesh before, and Robert Webb seems like a pretty good place to start off.

So, I turn it over to you: what celebs/comedians have you seen IRL? Did you get to hug them and cry  have the oppertunity to speak to them? please do tell!
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