Mar. 12th, 2017

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 Hello all!

So, adding to my saga of 'finding-out-whether-Robert's-book-is-coming-out-or-if-it's-actually-happening-at-all', I have discovered that it is in fact open for preorder,  and coming out in August. Plus, the cover has been revealed!
Cover Image... )
Daww, look at our brilliant boy! (Also, check it out, JK Rowling on the front cover; nice one Robert!) I'm probably going to place my preorder sometime this week, and there's also been whispers of book signings... Fingers crossed they're on days I can make it to! I've never actually met any sort of comedian in the flesh before, and Robert Webb seems like a pretty good place to start off.

So, I turn it over to you: what celebs/comedians have you seen IRL? Did you get to hug them and cry  have the oppertunity to speak to them? please do tell!

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